Behind my names

I came across an article on YWAM site today. Reading the female author’s self description inspired me to read through my own self to patch my own stories and inspirations.

It came up with several ideas such as passions and dreams, childhood, Jesus in my life, successes and failures, love, family, and skills. But to start knowing someone, you start with his or her name, right? And I personally believe that names have meaningful roles in my life.

So, hi, my name is Sineenat La-ongjit with a nickname Friend.

me at Koh Lan, Pattaya

Sineenat (สินีนาถ) is my official Thai name given by Dad and Mom.
Sinee means a girl with bright complexion, while nat /na:t/ means dependable. I was brighter when I was a baby. Still, I’m thankful for growing darker because I love it and think it suits my appearance and personality in overall. I mean it! I even love sunbathing! haha!

Mom told me that she gave me the nickname for me to be a friend of my older sister Ruth (former name is Fluke). Friend has significant definitions in itself:

1. A person whom one knows, likes, and trusts.
2. A person whom one knows; an acquaintance.
3. A person with whom one is allied in a struggle or cause; a comrade.
4. One who supports, sympathizes with, or patronizes a group, cause, or movement

A friend is a lover, literally. Closely linked to these concepts is that of “peace”, according to The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language.

My name and nickname are quite relative to my personality and passions. I like to have a few true and close friends who can talk deeply about things, build on one another with trust and love. I love getting through struggles and victories side by side with my friends. It’s always my honor to be an effective member of a team, an organization, or even someone’s life. And my heart is to help people and societies in struggles, poverty, depression, and despair into hope and a better destiny in any areas I could.

Apart from these original names given by parents, I also named myself Miriam P. (or Peacemaker, which is amazingly related to Friend…. Wow.)

Miriam Peacemaker is my alias, to recall who I am called to be as an ambassador of the Kingdom.

Miriam is a prophetess, who led women praise and dance after the crossover from Egypt. Her worship was a declaration and celebration of God’s victory among His people. Called to be a dance worshiper, I felt so connected with Miriam’s dance. Also, I have many common characters with her both in good and bad sides. So, this reminds me both what God empowers me to do, and what I should be aware of in my heart. When I was on an educational trip to Malaysia in 2011 – the same year I went to Israel, a teacher asked each of us to have an English name. That was the first time I began to introduce myself as Miriam.

Peacemaker is significantly a reminder of the most important prophecy I received in Israel. A reminder of who I represent with my pilgrimage on this planet.

For me, these names are valuable and defines who I was made to be.


2 thoughts on “Behind my names

    1. Thanks! 🙂 Yeah, I have paused journaling and sharing for quite long. I’ve gathered and put my thoughts and experiences into a few titles. I will be sharing again soon.

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