A Good Story

I used to think…to write something for others to read is to tell a good story. Like you are better so you have something to share. You are smarter so you can teach others, you are wiser so you can guide others. But whoa, I think I got it all wrong.

Thinking about some people in my life, they are the best example. None of them have any perfect, always and forever successful life stories. They’ve all mistaken, made bad decisions, been through failure, rejection, shame, pain, conflicts and etc that one might face in his/her life, or even worse, wars. Among these dark nights, they had found what to think about life and move on stronger-better, smarter, wiser than, at least, the old them. They learned and loved to grow up, and they never give up. And it is, perhaps, every of those moment that makes life…a story.

Weeks ago, the fact that I was convinced God called me to write had bothered my mind.
“What I have to share to them? My life, for me, somehow sucks. I failed. I feared. I lost faith at times.” I sincerely asked.
Thankfully, my God speaks life. When all my eyes could see were shadows of the past, he reminded of what is truly value with no condemnation. He led me to a song of which one of his closest friends King David sang:
Every day of my life was recorded in your book.
Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed.
” (Psalm 139:16)

How can I say no to the call to record my days when the Most High and perfect Father recorded even every moment of my life in HIS book?!

To write, as I’ve recently learned, is to reveal…things the way they are, to accept life as a journey of rises and falls, broken and healed, to express what you’ve found. What is your good story like?


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