Love is Enough

Late 2015 after spending a summer at Cape Cod, MA, I had to again make up my mind on doing long-term stay at Mae Sot, Thailand-Myanmar border district. Since a breakup with a guy in the city, it wasn’t easy and I desperately need divine confirmation.

The Lord, like He called Abram, said to me with His secure voice “Go. Do not be afraid” over my searching heart without any laid plan given.

But I like plans…so I planned some.
I had a few rough plans of activities I could start doing.
I had counted the costs of hard times and good times possibly would happen.
I had some ideas of how to run my freelance translation business.
When it comes to missionary work though, it’s all about people and I had no clue what I could bring to the table.
What role of missionary could I do.
Start a house of prayer? Counseling ministry without any certificate or knowing anyone?
Opening my Bible and preaching? Teaching kids?
Ugh, I was clueless.
However, finally I took the gut and texted my Burmese pastor friend in the city…”I’ve decided to go and work with you” and he was definitely welcome.
Right now I felt peace in my heart.
Early February I moved in…even trembling, with No-Turning-Back command and stayed for months in the church property.
I got to become friends with Burmese brothers and sisters.
I got to sit and have meals with them.
I got to spend nights in their rooms before some were leaving to bond.


During month 2 of the stay, they started to say “I have never met any Thais who are friendly and kind to Burmese like this woman.”
Some of them openly told me about their terrible experiences in wars and human trafficking.
One guy said “I’ve never trusted any Thai people I know like I trust you.”

The history between Thailand and Myanmar made two enemies, and many Thais in industries treated them less than human.

I hadn’t done anything much. No preaching at the podium on Sundays.
I was only being present in their midst and loved them in the simplest way-befriending.

Those words gave me light. I thought if this is all Jesus called me to do, I counted it a success.
A success to LOVE over racism
A success to be an ambassador of RECONCILIATION
A success to COMFORT the terrified hearts that have been oppressed by people of my own
A success to love my NEIGHBORS
Remember the story when a man asked Jesus “Who is my neighbors?”
He talked about a Samaritan man (a people Jews hated) who gives mercy and be a friend in need to a hurting Jew regardless the history-related hatred.

Jesus himself came to break down the wall between nations.

Love is the greatest force of the Kingdom. Love is enough to take a step out there.

I’m grateful for friends who love their neighbors so well and are my inspiration and model. Who is your neighbor and how would you show love to them?


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